Light Bulb Moment Course - Mesotherapy 2 Day Training Course

Date: Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th May 2023

The Venue: BF Mulholland, 58 Glenavy Road, Crumlin, BT29 4LA

Trainer: Andrew Hansford 

Course Cost: £1200 +VAT Per Delegate

What is Mesotherapy?

Recent historical, biochemical and bio-molecular evidence has broadened our understanding of skin cell function in relation to the ageing process.

In relation to inter-molecular transport and communication, Mesotherapy is a technique that involves micro-injections of therapeutic substances such as HA, vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the superficial dermis.

This allows active and essential ingredients to come into direct contact with the dermal fibroblast cells, also giving a beneficial effect on the metabolic processes.

Skin ageing is due to intrinsic genetically determined factors as well as extrinsic life-style driven factors.

It has many visual factors like:


• Laxity

• Colour

• Surface irregularity

• Skin discoloration

• Wrinkles of different density

Easy addressed with Mesotherapy - Bio-revitalization


Mesotherapy solutions contain “construction” materials, such as amino acids and nucleosides (sugars). An abundant supply of these are important in aged skin, as transportation is impaired in aged skin. Fibroblasts appear to have reduced energy generation as we age.


It is becoming increasingly evident that the optimal function of fibroblasts is dependent on their interactions with their surrounding environment. Fibroblast and extra-cellular matrix is critical for fibroblast function and normal production of collagen.



Course Structure

Day 1

•             History of Mesotherapy

•             Health and safety

•             Anatomy and physiology of the skin

•             Skin ageing

•             Cell groups

•             Free radicals and anti-oxidants

•             Solutions in Mesotherapy

•             Vitamins A-C-E-D-B

•             Amino Acids

•             Growth Factors

•             Stem Cells

•             Prevention of ageing with Mesotherapy

•             Indications and targeting

•             Pro aging

•             Eyes

•             Neck and decollate

•             Hands

•             Hair loss

•             Contraindications

•             Side effects

•             Informed consent


Day 2

•             Equipment used in Mesotherapy

•             Application techniques and procedures

•             Practical

•             Lunch

•             Practical continued

•             Overview of the coursework required

•             Questions and answers


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