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Let’s talk skin business with Annette Matthews

I wanted to give a little insight into why I chose to focus on skin treatments alongside my injectables and why I encourage more clinic owners to add skin solutions to their daily offering. I use the terminology bread and butter of my business quite loosely, hear me out! Injectables are a great way to offer amazing solutions for my clients which I am sure you will agree! I quickly found out though that the recalls for such treatments can be quite sparse, especially when I am choosing high-quality products... Read More


CS Medical Aesthetics and their experience using Sunekos

Codie from CS Medical Aesthetics has taken the time to put together a fantastic round up of using Sunekos from her opinion as an injector as well as speaking to her clients about their results, read on to find out more. CS Medical Aesthetics are a nurse lead clinic that specialises in non surgical aesthetic treatments, including dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation treatments. Codie, the founder of CS Medical Aesthetics qualified as a registered nurse (NMC) from Queens University Belfast in 2019. From there she worked on a fast... Read More


NI Beauty Excellence Awards 2023 – Entry now OPEN!

On Thursday 26th January 2023 the medfx and BF Mulholland team were honoured to be invited to the Launch Night for the 2023 NI Beauty Excellence Awards. BF Mulholland, medfx and Shop Beautiful are delighted to be sponsors of the event again this year and with six new categories, we can’t wait to see what new talent is recognised. The evening was held in the beautiful Parisien restaurant in Belfast and we were welcomed with some delicious West Coast Coolers supplied by the title sponsor. The evening was beautiful, with... Read More


Oral Health tips from the Tooth Fairy!

To celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day we have put together some special tips to care for teeth transitioning from milk to adult teeth. Every child will inevitably get that long awaited visit from the tooth fairy when those little teeth start to fall out and welcome new adult teeth in their place! This can be an exciting time (with some inventive ways to wiggle those loose teeth free!) but it is important that we don’t let that distract from what is important… looking after the adult teeth that will fill... Read More


Mental Health Awareness Week

This year Mental Health Awareness Week is focusing on the topic of loneliness. This is an issue that has only gotten worse for many people throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Looking after our mental health isn’t just something we should do if we are feeling low, anxious or stressed. It is actually something we should think about all the time! Top tips for looking after your mental health Live in the present – be aware of yourself and be in the present moment, notice your own thoughts and feelings. Get good... Read More


NI Beauty Excellence Awards

Are you the leading Cosmetic Dental Practice in Northern Ireland? Do you offer a superior range of treatments? The judges will be looking for the dental practice that is the most innovative, in not only the service they provide, but also the quality of care they give their customers. The award will recognise the dental practice that is leading the way in the cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland. Please include within your entry: How long your dental practice has been trading The number of staff you employ Please explain how... Read More


Cosmetic dentistry Northern Ireland: Its rise and the popular ways to transform your smile

Our medfx and Shop Beautiful manager, Grainne Miskelly sat down with Belfast live to discuss cosmetic dentistry and it’s increased popularity ahead of the 2022 NI Beauty Excellence Awards. Read the full article here. BF Mulholland are proud to sponsor the 2022 NI Beauty Excellence Awards which, is this year featuring a Cosmetic Dental Practice of the Year category, for the very first time! Make sure to keep an eye out for the finalists who will be announced in the next few weeks!

New look website - BF Mulholland 26/01/2022

New Website Now Live!

The team at BF Mulholland are delighted to introduce our new look website! We have decided it was time for a website refresh! Don’t worry though, all your favourite products are still available at the same web address, just housed in a more user friendly and easy to navigate format. Look out for some new additional features that will be added over the coming weeks to make your ordering experience even easier. We have spent considerable time consulting and working with our wider team to take on all of the... Read More


Handpieces – Know what you are buying.

Specialist manufacturers such as W&H invest in research and development to ensure they continue to bring you innovation and design, supplying high quality handpieces for professionals to use.   So, why is it so important to choose your handpieces wisely?  Although cheaper copies can be purchased online, quality is likely to be an issue and it is really not worth staking a professional reputation on a lower cost and reduced quality product.  Make sure you know exactly what you are buying and from whom. You get the handpiece you pay for. ... Read More


The second edition of the ‘Guidance Notes for Dental Practitioners on the Safe Use of X-ray Equipment’ has now been published.

Following DD’s previous “Coming soon” communication (24/08/2020) drawing your attention to the imminent issuing of the second edition of Guidance Notes (GNs), which replaces the original guidance notes published in 2001; DD can now confirm that GN’s have been published via the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (UK) website. Click here to view. The 2001 edition set out principles of good practice with the aim of restricting radiation doses to all involved as far as reasonably practicable, in line with UK radiation protection legislation. However, since 2001, there have been... Read More


Zero rate VAT on PPE Equipment in NI and UK

A change to UK VAT law to introduce a temporary VAT zero rate which comes into effect from 1 May to 31 July 2020. This is for the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), recommended for use in connection with protection from infection with coronavirus in guidance published by Public Health England. The temporary VAT zero rate will apply to all purchases of PPE which are made between 1 May and 31 July 2020 and which are recommended for use by Public Health England in its guidance dated 24 April... Read More



At BF Mulholland, we appreciate that employers have many compliance issues to deal with during their working life let alone during the current pandemic, so this letter is to bring you up to date with the current advice about x-ray equipment testing during this difficult time. UK radiation protection legislation[1], together with associated guidance, applies when using equipment that generates x-radiation and the legislation is enforced by the relevant regulators.  At the time of posting this information, and during our interactions with these regulators, no indication has been given that... Read More


Covid-19 Latest Updates and Guidelines

To Help you get through these trying times and keep you informed of the latest news, updates and guidelines we will be posting the latest advise in the thread below. Simply click the link to download the file. Covid-19 – Additional considerations of Covid-19 – 06.04.2020 Covid-19 – PPE for healthcare workers – 06.04.2020 Covid-19 – PPE for outpatients and community care – 06.04.2020 Covid-19 – Visual guide to PPE – 06.04.2020 Covid-19 – PVI Equipment Testing & Maintenance – 23.04.2020


COVID-19 Statement Services & Engineering

We at BF Mulholland, are committed to providing the Dental market with excellent service and aftersales support. Given the current uncertainty and unprecedented situation surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to proactively bring to your attention, some of the considerations when reviewing your practice business continuity plans and their effectiveness. Our team of professionals delivering services directly to your practice in the form of product supply, equipment supply, maintenance of and compliance support, are perfectly placed to support you through such uncertainty. We have robust, well tested business continuity plans reaching across... Read More


New Trends in Dentistry

Evolving is a common theme within the dental care industry, not only are patients being introduced to better comfort and care but the jobs and daily task of the dentist themselves are getting smarter and a lot easier. We are going to look at the newest trends that are to take the industry by storm, thanks to our ever-growing technology enhancements. Laser Technology This is a promising trend that has taken the dental industry by storm. Lasers are used to treat a range of dental ailments and to eliminate any... Read More


The Power of Digital Dentistry

What is Digital Dentistry? Digital Dentistry refers to an introduction to new technological advances within the Dental industry. Most medical fields have begun the digitising process, this includes any documentation, whether it be client information, appointments, medical records and any other relevant information. Digital Dentistry is also the development of updating equipment and mechanics to the latest and highest spec. Digital Technology is something that is ever growing and advancing and it will continue too years to come. We now take this technology for granted, our mobiles, the internet, emails,... Read More


Sunekos: Breakthrough Anti-Aging Injectable!

Sunekos is a new injectable containing a patented formula of Amino acids in a Hyaluronic Acid medium. When injected into targeted areas, it not only improves the hydration of the skin but
also regenerates the extracellular matrix by stimulating fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin.  The result is a youthful looking skin, which is tighter and more hydrated. Sunekos is revolutionary product that has raised the bar in non-invasive anti-aging treatments. It can be used to tackle dehydrated skin, lines and wrinkles, dark circles, acne scars, and loss of volume and... Read More


BF Mulholland Wins Major Irish Contract

BF Mulholland wins Portman Dental Group contract in Ireland Full service dental dealer, BF Mulholland, has been awarded the contract for all of Portman Dental Group’s equipment supply, maintenance and repair across its growing practice footprint in Ireland. The estimated seven-figure contract will see BF Mulholland support Portman Dental Group’s existing 12 practices in Northern Ireland as well as those it plans to acquire in the Republic of Ireland. Mark Mulholland, managing director of BF Mulholland says: “We’re delighted to have been named as Portman Dental Group’s sole provider of... Read More


Celebrating 50 years of BF Mulholland

BF Mulholland was established in 1969, by Brian Mulholland. The company has been a full member of the British Dental Trade Association for 50 years. We have provided Consumable Sales, Equipment Sales and Engineering Support to the Dental Industry and Health Care Trusts throughout Ireland.We are continuously growing and with the help of our team we have delivered excellent customer service, driving sales and happy clients. We currently employ over 45 fully trained members of staff to support our customer base and enjoy a robust working relationship with all the... Read More


Business Consultant – BF Mulholland

Location: ROI (North Region) Description: BF Mulholland LTD Dental Supplies is a full service Dental Dealer established in 1969 by Brian Mulholland and has been a full member of the British Dental Trade Association for over 35 years. We are based on the outskirts of Glenavy, within easy reach of Belfast and centrally located to provide Equipment Sales and Engineering support to the Dental Profession and Health Care Trusts throughout Northern Ireland and the Border Counties. Our new online “One Stop Shop” features over 27,000 professional dental products, covering materials, sundries,... Read More


Meet Our Ulster Field Sales Representative – Grainne Miskelly

Tell us a bit about your job role. My job role with BF Mulholland Ltd is Field Sales Representative for the province of Ulster. I cover many miles on a daily basis representing my Company and promoting our wide range of products. It gives me the opportunity to meet our customers in person and understand their needs within each individual Practice. It is a very interactive role which gives me a lot of job satisfaction. How did you get into this career? This role is recently new to me although... Read More

BFM Team 17/10/2017

Dental Directory takes one-stop-shop to Ireland with BF Mulholland Ltd acquisition

17.10.17 Dental Directory takes one-stop-shop to Ireland with BF Mulholland Ltd acquisition Dental Directory is making its one-stop-shop proposition available in Ireland for the first time by acquiring County Antrim based dental supplier BF Mulholland Ltd. The move follows a very successful 15-month strategic alliance between the two companies. It also expands the range of products and services available throughout Ireland to dentists, local authorities and hospitals through Dental Directory’s approach of providing everything from training and business advice to product and equipment through a one-stop-shop. Mark Stephenson, managing director... Read More

Woman Brushing Her Teeth 20/12/2016

Everything you didn’t know about dental hygiene

According to The Times, a third of teenagers report being too embarrassed to smile for fear of exposing their poorly maintained teeth. Given that our smiles mean so much to us, it’s rather surprising how many people don’t appreciate how much care and understanding is required to look after a set of teeth well. Below are a few facts which you may not be aware of: Good teeth and gums are essential for good overall health While it may seem obvious that illness and disease should lead to gum and... Read More

coding a website 08/12/2016

2017’s Top Tech for Dental Practices

Here at BF Mulholland, we aim to offer your dental practice the latest technology available, keeping you updated with our ever-expanding range of dental supplies. With the new year approaching and our online ‘One Stop Shop’ featuring 27,000 professional dental products, we’ve decided to handpick the top products for 2017. Teeth whitening An increasing number of us are endeavouring to reverse the effects of staining and discolouration and restore the natural whiteness of our teeth. Although teeth whitening is a perfectly safe procedure when carried out by a dentist, dental... Read More

jelly sweets 17/10/2016

10 Foods That Have a Negative Effect on Your Teeth

Although most of us are perfectly aware that sugary foods can cause a lot of damage to our teeth, we may not be as aware of the many other foods that – while healthy in other ways – can be detrimental to our oral hygiene if we don’t take particular care. Here are just 10 of the foods that can adversely affect your teeth – some more surprising than others. Apples This may be one of the most shocking inclusions on this list for some, given the oft-repeated ‘one a... Read More

dental products 17/10/2016

A Step by Step Guide to Oral Hygiene

Although many of the statistics concerning the state of the UK’s oral health in the early 21st century are encouraging ones, some of the other recently reported facts and figures are much more concerning. Did you know, for example, that one in four adults admit to not brushing their teeth twice a day, and that only 31% of adults use mouthwash? So without further ado, we thought we would explore some simple steps that you can take to improve your own oral hygiene. Brush your teeth properly! While many of... Read More

lips 13/10/2016

The Effects of Smoking on Your Teeth

While the 100,000 UK deaths a year that can be directly attributed to smoking are greatly saddening in themselves, it is also important not to underestimate the many other, not necessarily fatal but nonetheless greatly adverse effects that tobacco can have on  your body and all-round health. As you may expect, here at BF Mulholland, we are especially well-positioned to advise you on the consequences that smoking has for your oral hygiene, ranging from tooth staining to gum disease and, connected to the latter, outright tooth loss. Tooth staining A... Read More

white chocolate 10/10/2016

How Your Diet Can Affect Your Teeth

There’s a good reason why the saying “you are what you eat” has risen to prominence: diet can have a much bigger effect on the human body than we can realise. However, one of the advantages of this is that changing your diet can be a wonderfully straightforward way of dramatically changing your wellbeing for the better. That extends to the quality of your teeth, as we will explain further… Keep your diet in balance You probably won’t be surprised that the NHS advises you to stick to a balanced... Read More

waiting room 24/09/2016

How to Create a Welcoming and Relaxing Environment for Your Patients

You could too easily underestimate how many patients you may be missing out on due to dental phobia. According to the NHS, one in four people dread visiting the dentist – a minority, but quite a large one. The good news, however, is that there is much your practice can do to relieve tension for its own patients and, through doing this, encourage them to regularly revisit. A comfortable experience can start with your waiting room Many of your patients might have to spend a while in your practice’s waiting... Read More

coding a website 16/09/2016

10 Reasons Your Practice Needs a Website

If your practice doesn’t currently have a website, which is especially plausible if you have only recently set up that practice, there are many good reasons to change that. Against tough competition, in particular, a good website could make a crucial difference to your fortunes. Your practice can appear more accessible Many enquiries which your patients might want to direct your way could be more time-effectively dealt with online rather than on the phone. By providing an additional source of assistance, your website can boost the accessibility and, therefore, the... Read More

dental supplies 20/07/2016

5 Products all Dentists Should Look into this Year

The need, as it arises, to replace equipment and supplies is something that all dental practices need to consider the costs of when managing their finances. If you’re only just about to start running a practice, then a good short course in financial management for dentists can help you prepare. However, new products are regularly added to our stock – and here are 5 in particular that we reckon all dentists should consider spending money on this year. SDI Wave Flowable Composite Syringe This syringe is useful for practically any... Read More

coffee 12/07/2016

How to Keep Your Teeth Naturally White: 5 Top Tips

It’s certainly desirable to maintain white teeth – and not just because it makes you feel good when you see those teeth in the mirror. The independent research firm Kelton Research has found that job applicants with white teeth are 58% likelier to be offered a job and 53% likelier to be offered a higher salary. People with white teeth evidently could get further in their love lives, too. Below, we detail several simple and inexpensive ways of keeping your teeth naturally white. Brush at least twice a day One... Read More

dentist 12/07/2016

3 Basic Marketing Tips to get more Patients Through the Door

Businesses and organisations across various sectors continually work hard to outdo each other’s marketing efforts, and dental practices should be no different. Once you’ve opened your practice, you shouldn’t expect a steady stream of patients simply because your practice is in the phone book. Competition between practices has become too tough for that, and building your practice’s reputation should be among your priorities. Make sure that your website is up to scratch We mentioned the phone book earlier, but many of your target customers probably wouldn’t even flick through that... Read More

study books 25/06/2016

What Courses are Available for Improving Your Skills as a Dentist?

Once you’ve graduated from dental school and started work as a dentist, you could still identify areas for improvement in your provision of dentistry services. This is where going on extra courses can be really worth your while – and, no, they won’t call for nearly as much time or financial outlay as your initial dental school qualification. Below, we draw attention to some great courses for further developing your dentistry skills. London is calling… You’ve probably got a long list of boxes to tick in your search for a... Read More

Student working 17/06/2016

Advice for Students Wanting to Become Dentists

If you’re currently studying at the further education level and eager to become a dentist, there are various factors that you should carefully consider before embarking too far on your journey to clinching a job in the dental field. After all, the path to becoming a dentist is a time-consuming and financially expensive one, which means that you are likely to appreciate the following pieces of advice for ensuring that proceedings go more smoothly. Does your personality genuinely fit? Sometimes, in life, you want what you can’t have… and then,... Read More

Woman Brushing Her Teeth 09/06/2016

10 of the Most Common Oral Hygiene Problems

That commonly-dispensed advice to thoroughly brush your teeth twice daily is vital for maintaining your oral hygiene. Slacking in this area can lead to a range of health problems, many of which directly affecting the teeth. Here are some especially common such issues. Bad breath Should layers of bacteria become embedded on your tongue, stinky Volatile Sulfur Compounds can result. That’s what gives you bad breath, or what is otherwise known as halitosis. Particular foods, like garlic and onions, can especially encourage the onset of this. Herpes A type of... Read More

library 25/05/2016

What are the Top Universities for Dental Qualifications in the UK?

If you are eager to become a dentist and are mulling over which UK universities you should apply to for working towards that coveted dental qualification, you could be excused for feeling indecisive. Which institutions most warrant your attention from an academic point of view? Also, how do they differ in terms of the kind of student life they offer? These can be tricky questions to answer, but we have done our best to do so with this article. Glasgow When the independent The Complete University Guide compiled its latest... Read More

dentist 18/05/2016

10 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own Dental Practice

Setting up your own dental practice can be a massive endeavour; there are so many aspects of getting that practice off the ground that you have to think carefully about beforehand. Here are ten particular factors that we believe you should prioritise thinking about. The importance of drawing up a business plan A business plan can obviously serve as a useful guide for running a dental practice, particularly during the first few, potentially very tricky months. Make that plan airtight, however, and you could also win support from a lender... Read More

apple smartphone 11/05/2016

5 of the Best Dental Apps

It’s common for dentists to quickly check their smartphones in-between patients, whether to text friends or family, look up amusing photos of cats, or something else along similar lines. However, smartphones and tablets can also prove potent tools for helping with dental responsibilities. You could be surprised by how many promising dental apps you find once you start looking through the iOS App Store, Google Play or Windows Store – and here are five that we would especially recommend. DDS GP The DDS GP app might be very pricey for... Read More

pound coins 28/04/2016

What the 2016 Budget Means for Dentists

On 16 March, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, delivered his first Budget of this calendar year and, with it, a raft of new policies and adjustments that could affect many UK-based dentists to whom we regularly deliver equipment. And, thankfully, the changes should largely affect them for the better. Here, we dissect many terms of the Budget and assess how they could help many of the UK’s dentists to better financial health. Corporation tax lowered to 17% by 2020 Incorporated dental practices should appreciate that, as announced... Read More

teeth 26/04/2016

Tips for Helping Those Sensitive Teeth

If many patients coming into your practice complain that they have recently been experiencing sensitive teeth, there is plenty of advice that you can give them for overcoming the pain. You can also supply them with useful products that, when used regularly and routinely, can help to keep that sensitivity at bay. What causes sensitive teeth? Getting to the bottom of what leads to sensitive teeth can help both you and your patients in banishing this nuisance. Truthfully, there are various things which can cause sensitive teeth – including excessively... Read More

Dentist Equipment 24/04/2016

How to Choose the Right Supplies for your Dental Practice

If you’re currently in the process of setting up your own dental practice, it’d be understandable if you feel daunted about trying to choose the most suitable supplies. There is indeed a lot for you to think about at this stage; however, follow the tips in this article, and you are unlikely to veer far off track. So, where should you start? What are the bare essentials? Once you’ve got an office to fill out with dental equipment, consider which such equipment is necessary for delivering basic dental services to... Read More

E-Cigarette 22/04/2016

How e-cigarettes Affect our Teeth

Recently, e-cigarettes have grown in popularity – to the extent that the anti-smoking group Ash believes that over 2.6 million people, almost half of which are ex-smokers, in the UK alone use them. However, while they are generally considered much healthier than standard cigarettes, can they still be considered kind to our teeth? An enduring mystery – in many respects, anyway… When considering the effects of e-cigarettes on our teeth, it’s sensible to think about both the direct and indirect effects. So, how can these personal vaporisers, as they are... Read More

lecture 19/04/2016

What Qualifications and Experience are Needed to Become an Accomplished Dentist?

We have already dispensed advice on how you can make your initial entry into the dental profession – but, once you have got your foot in the door, you might set your eyes on further challenges. So, what qualifications and experience would you need to further yourself in the dental profession – for example, to take up more specialist dental posts? There are many different options open to you Your very first dental job will likely be as an assistant or self-employed associate in a dental practice. However, there are... Read More

smile 15/04/2016

For the Right Supplies for your Dental Practice, Choose BF Mulholland

When your dental practice or health care trust requires nothing less than the most suitable consumables and equipment, it helps to have a long-established and highly reputable dental dealer, whether based nearby or online, to take this key worry about of your hands. This is precisely how one can describe BF Mulholland, which – in addition to being a full member of the British Dental Trade Association for more than 45 years – offers swift worldwide delivery via its complete online ‘One Stop Shop’. A Northern Irish dental supplier for... Read More

dentist 12/04/2016

The Top Dental Products for 2016

There are new dental products appearing in our stock all of the time – but, as a whole new year has just come upon us, we felt the time right to single out a few recent additions that we would especially recommend. Here are what we consider to be the crème de la crème of new products available to purchase through the BF Mulholland website. Bossklein Surface V-Wipes Lemon Refill Your dental practice will naturally seek to rapidly disinfect hard surfaces, including medical devices, with the aim of preventing cross... Read More

First Aid 12/04/2016

A Guide to First Aid Products

The term “first aid” almost explains itself; it refers largely and basically to the initial care and assistance given to someone suffering an abrupt illness or injury. It also refers to the complete treatment of minor conditions, like putting a plaster over a cut. In your dental surgery, first aid is something that you can benefit from not only learning, but also being suitably equipped for. Here are some first aid products that could prove especially useful. Various types of first aid kit When someone mentions a first aid kit,... Read More

Final Year Dental Student 08/04/2016

Tips for Final Year Dental Students

Anyone who has completed a degree will know that the final year of study can be pretty hectic, not to mention the most influential on the final grade and job prospects. There’s so much crucial stuff for dental students to take care of during their last year of study, so they are likely to welcome reliable advice wherever they are given it. We at BF Mulholland have decided to do our bit by providing the following informative tips. Make sure that your years of study end with a bang! Plan... Read More

dentist 08/04/2016

Tips: Helping Patients with a Dental Phobia

Many of us have specific fears – for example, of spiders, enclosed spaces, or heights. However, we can often easily avert the object of our fear and so the phobia does not have to cripple our quality of life. It’s a different situation for people who fear visiting the dentist, as the condition of their teeth can be at stake. If you are a dentist, here are numerous ways in which you can help to keep any overly anxious patients at ease. Talk about the comfort of modern dental surgeries... Read More


Our favourite teeth whitening products

Depressing though it can be to smile at your reflection in the mirror in the morning and see how the whiteness of your teeth has dulled over time, having those teeth restored to their natural shade isn’t as arduous a task as you might expect. A big reason why is the high standard of products that can be routinely used by your dentist for whitening – here are our favourite such products. GSK Corsodyl Daily Freshmint Primarily intended to help protect against the onset of gum disease, this mouthwash uses... Read More

dentists 22/12/2015

How You Start Your Career After Dental School

We have already provided detailed advice for collecting the qualifications that you need in order to become a dentist. Your time in education should culminate in studying for four or five years at dental school; however, in our other article, we didn’t quite clarify the steps you should undertake to get your dental career up and running once you have graduated. Here’s the journey you should embark on… There are just a few more hoops to jump through… As we have made clear previously, undertaking the necessary education and training... Read More

dental equipment 18/12/2015

10 Tips For Starting Your Own Dental Practice

Though the traditional next route for a fresh dental school leaver is becoming an associate at an existing dental practice, many leavers can actually be more enticed by the prospect of forming their own practice. If you are one of them, here are some tips for getting up and running. Decide where you want to start your practice. Avoid opting for a particular location for overly sentimental reasons. You need to find somewhere where there is actually a market for what you want to offer. Choose a location with great... Read More

Smile 08/12/2015

What Are The Advantages of Dental Implants?

There are several solutions for replacing damaged or decayed teeth, but dental implants can often be the nearest like-for-like replacements. Removed teeth can leave both the visible tooth, called the crown, and its root absent – but dental implants can provide solid and reliable substitutes for both. These implants can make a huge difference in your everyday life, for the following reasons among many. They can provide a genuine long term solution Though you could instead opt for tooth-supported dental bridges, they can often only be left in place for... Read More

Dentist 25/11/2015

5 Great Products For Finishing and Polishing

Finishing and polishing is like the dental equivalent of placing a cherry on top of a freshly baked cake – and a good cake, as many of us know, just doesn’t look right without that cherry. But great finishing and polishing demands great finishing and polishing products. What such products can we at BF Mulholland Ltd offer dentists? Here are just five examples. Shofu Super-Snap Rainbow Technique Kit For finishing and polishing microfilled and hybrid composites, this Super-Snap kit can come in very useful. It provides a range of highly... Read More

Schulke Mikrozid Liquid 30/10/2015

Product Review: schülke Mikrozid Liquid

Product Review: schülke Mikrozid Liquid When cleaning and disinfecting a dental surface, you want to use a liquid that can be ready at hand, acts and dries quickly and is, above all, effective for its intended purpose. Thankfully, schülke Mikrozid Liquid ticks all of these boxes. But there is so much more to this product – and, by reading this review, you can enjoy a greater insight into why it can meet your needs. Banish many different viruses on many different surfaces schülke is one of the many reliable dental... Read More


What are the entry requirements for becoming a dentist?

What are the entry requirements for becoming a dentist? So, you have decided that you want to become a dentist. What do you need in order to enter this profession? You probably won’t be surprised to read that very particular experience and qualifications are essential; below, we explain more about the precise entry requirements for budding dentists. The road to undergraduate study Perhaps the most vital requirement is an approved degree in dentistry – look for the courses tagged with BDS or BChD. A HND alone is not sufficient, so... Read More


Dental practices now able to convert to digital X-Ray at a reasonable cost

Dental practices now able to convert to digital X-Ray at a reasonable cost There are many considerable unique benefits that digital radiography has and numerous dental practices across the UK and Ireland are well aware of. Certainly, many practices would be eager to convert from film radiography to digital radiography, but fear that both the transition process to and regular usage of the more advanced technology would be too financially expensive. However, they are likely to be mistaken, and you can now read several crucial reasons why. Digital radiography costs... Read More