Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Sutures Mersilk 3/0 (W328H) -Box36

Box (36).

The Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Sutures are one of our most popular products, and this is for good reason. Ethicon provide a solid solution, that insures the upmost quality for surgeons worldwide.

We supply 2 variations of this product:

Braided Silk Sutures.


Virgin Silk Sutures.

Braided Silk Sutures.

  • Braided: For easy handling and secure knot tying.

  • Coated: With wax to give “hand” to the suture. Does not become limp or brittle.

  • Natural: Produced from cocoons of the silk worm Bombyx Mori.

  • Non-Absorbable: Provides prolonged tensile strength retention in tissue for up to 3 months.

  • Colour: Black or ivory.

  • Range: Braided 7-0 to 4 (U.S.P.) Supplied as needled sutures and ligatures.

  • Sterilisation: By Irradiation.

Virgin Silk Sutures.

  • Twisted: Made from filaments of silk fibre which are held together by natural gum secreted by the silk worm.

  • Colour: Blue or black.

  • Range: 10-0 to 8-0 (U.S.P.) Supplied as needled sutures.

  • Sterilisation: By Irradiation.

These sutures comply with the requirements of U.S. Pharmacopoeia (U.S.P.) and The European Pharmacopoeia (PhEUR).

Customer reviews

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Good quality sutures 5 Star

These sutures are really a good product. Well made, and exactly what's needed when it comes to both standard and even more complicated surgical procedures.

Ethicon Sutures 4 Star

Decent quality sutures are an importanat part of the everyday line up of resources that I use and require in order to treat my patients with the right level of professional care.

J & J Sutures 4 Star

These Johnson and Johnson ethicon sutures are a pretty good product. They are made of quality material and seem to have a good durability in my experience using them so far. I will keep using these, unless I hear of something better from colleagues.

Good reliable ethicon sutures 5 Star

These sutures are a solid and reliable product that we use in our surgery regularly. The materials are good, the packaging is good, and the price is good. They are good value, and we'll continue to use them for years to come if all stays the same.

Johnson and Johnson Quality 5 Star

These sutures are very good, and we've been using them here at our practice for months now without any issues whatsoever. It's important that the quality of sutures we use in our practice is consistent, and Johnson and Johnson have provided consistency here once again with this product. We were also pleased with the relatively quick shipping on these too.

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