TePe Interdental Brushes Yellow 0.7mm 10x8pk (118 250) Box10

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. Ergonomic handle which offers a comfortable grip and good control . Plastic covered metal wire to prevent scratching . Available in 9 colour coded size . Wide choice to suit all patients

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Recommended by my dentist 5 Star

These interdental brushes were first recommended to me by my dentist. Having used quite a few different interdental products in the past, I can safely say that these are the best ones I've found so far. The fact that they have a good range of sizes, means that you can always get an effective clean between your teeth. I recommend now to my friends.

Pretty Satisfied 4 Star

I've had braces for a while now, and my dentist recommended I use these interdental brushes as a way of getting both under and between the braces. I have to say that it's pretty effective, not only with the braces, but also with getting inbetween my teeth. I get my braces removed in a little while now, but I'll definitely continue using these brushes as part of my teeth brushing routine, because they just really help you get that extra clean in the places that really need it.

Overall good value 5 Star

These are quality. You save money by purchasing them online too, as opposed to locally, so all in all, a great solution to getting those hard to hit spots in between teeth.

Not a lot to compare with 3 Star

These are not bad interdental brushes, but then again, there's not a whole lot to compare them with really. I've tried 1 other brand, and these are slightly better than that brand in terms of quality. I would still like to shop around a bit though I think, before settling on these brushes.

Better than flossing 5 Star

I know for myself, I've always hated flossing. I would do it inconsistently at best, and usually only a week or so before I had an actual checkup at my dentist. Due to this, I'd quite often hear from my hygienist about it, and be reminded as usual, that "You have to floss regularly". Well, no more, since finding and using these TePe brushes, I've found it much easier to work the use of them into my routine. I guess because it's very similar to using a normal tooth brush, as opposed to flossing, I just find it much easier to motivate myself to do it. Great solution.

Consistently Happy 5 Star

Very happy with this product. I've bought it many times now, as I just find these brushes are the best on the market (at least out of the ones I've tried). I'll continue to use these, unless I hear there's something better out there.

Tepe brushes are the best 5 Star

We've used quite a few different interdental brushes in our practice, and yet have found the Tepe one's to be of the best build and material quality. We always recommend that our patients by these, because they are just a good product, at a reasonable price. Nothing more to say, just good quality.

Good quality interdental brushes 4 Star

The use of interdental brushes is really one of the most important things that we consistently find ourselves recommending to our clients. Clients always seem to find flossing a pain, so we are delighted to find that more patients use the interdental brushes at our recommendation. I think it's because they find it very similar to their normal brushing routine, and so for this reason it's an easy additional habit to get into.

Yellow Tepe brushes 4 Star

We sell these yellow Tepe brushes in our practice, and just like all the other brushes from this company, we've been happy with the amount of clients who get these from us. Good brushes, at a good value price.

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