Dentsply Sterile ProTaper Rotary L25mm Start Kit - Pack6

Pack (6).

L25mm Start Kit (S1-S2/F1-F3/SX).

Shaping files up to size ISO 050 (also available as manual files). Files specially designed for retreatment procedures. Solutions dedicated to obturation and perfectly matched to tapers of ProTaper finishing files: paper and gutta-percha points for ProTaper and ProTaper obturators. Based upon their exclusive multiple taper design, ProTaper files makes canal shaping easier, safer, faster and more efficient. The cutting features and the small number of instruments required make ProTaper an ideal choice for daily practice.

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Reliable and consistent product 5 Star

We've been using this brand and make in my practice for several years now, and have found it to be a very reliable file kit, that's never let us down once so far. The materials and build of this product is second to none, and lends to it's sturdy feeling when in use.

Okay... A little small though 3 Star

It's not a bad file kit, although I find the shape of the handles is a little too tight to fit. I don't have especially large hands either, so I'm not sure why they were designed that way. Apart from that, they are pretty well made.

Easier Canal Shaping 5 Star

This is a solid product from Dentsply, and if you need a quality file kit for canal shaping and other similar work, then these files are probably some of the best you'll be able to find in the industry. Would highly recommend to any professionals who take their practice and their equipment seriously.

The best on the market 5 Star

I've yet to find a better protaper file kit than this one from Dentsply. We've been using this exact file kit system in our practice now for over 3 years, and have found the quality and reliability of this product to be much better than any of the others that we tried.

A good enough file kit 4 Star

As our practice is only still pretty new, we've not had a chance to try any other products in this area. From what I've experienced so far though, this file kit is pretty good, and seems to have a pretty high quality material and casting. For now we'll stick to this system, and if I hear of any better out there, then we'll give those a shot in future.

Great protaper file kit 5 Star

These files are really good, and we've been using them in our dental practice now for over a year. They are easy to hold and handle, and the materials seem to be really good quality. For the price, these file kits are pretty good value.

Top notch pro taper files 5 Star

Since moving from another brand to Dentsply, we've been very happy with the quality of these protaper files. They are sturdy, durable and well made, and they are also comfortable on the hands, even with prolonged use. The different measurements and sizes of files is also well thought out, and there's a file that works for each kind of procedure we carry out on our patients at our dental practice.

Protaper kits that are worth the money 5 Star

These mailer protaper file kits from dentsply are some of the best that we've managed to come across so far in our years of owning a dental practice. They are well built, and comfortable enough to use, even for some tricky work that at times involves unusual and difficult angles.

Really good kits 5 Star

The dentsply mailer protaper kits are as good as they get, and we are very happy with the quality of this product from a trustworthy brand in dental supplies. We have used a few different makes of this kind of product, and these one's are the best that we've come across so far.

Overall pretty good. 4 Star

These are generally quite good, the materials are good, and the size and shape make these easy to grip when working with a patient. The only gripe we had, was that the shipping took a little longer than we would have liked once when we ordered. However, this was only once out of many times that we've ordered this product, so it was probably just a one of thing, and nothing to really worry about, if you're thinking of going with this supplier.

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