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Orawize Mouthwash

    OraWize+ is a unique oxidising disinfectant mouthwash that is independently proven to be one of the most effective disinfectants yet discovered, whilst being completely non-toxic for human contact (skin, eyes & ingestion). Its active ingredient is hypochlorous acid (HOCl – a naturally occurring biocide).  

OraWize+ is a biocide, effective against 99.9999% of known pathogens. Its powerful oxidising action enables it to kill harmful micro-organisms without the risk of allergies or microbial resistance.

The broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity of OraWize+ enables it to meet all of the relevant European infection control standards including the key standard BS EN 14476.

All without causing harmful side effects such as irritation of the mucosa or staining of teeth or restorations.  
Dental Applications
Can be used at various stages of the patient journey:

1. Pre-treatment rinse: prior to aerosol generating procedures or surgical procedures

2. Irrigation during treatment
a. Remove biofilm during periodontal therapy
b. During endodontic treatment
c. Disinfecting pulp exposures without damaging underlying tissue
d. During implant surgery

3. Post-operative care: ideal for after surgical procedures or for the management of dry sockets

4. Part of routine home care other Applications  OraWize+ contains a stabilised solution of Hypochlorous acid. This active ingredient: is used in a wide variety of medical and surgical fields as well as food hygiene and water management products. has also been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency for use against Covid-19 has been called the “ideal wound care agent”1 OraWize+ contains no artificial preservatives, parabens or alcohol

OraWize+ is available in 250ml, 1L and 5L.

For more information please visit: cleancert.co.uk/orawizeplus-oxidising-mouthwash    

1. Sakayra S, Gunay N, Karakulak M. Hypochlorous acid: an ideal wound care agent with powerful microbicidal, antibiofilm, and wound healing properties. Wounds. 2014;26(12):342–350.
Other sources
– Xian Peng, Xin Xu, Yuqing Li, Lei Cheng, Xuedong Zhou, Biao Ren. Transmission routes of 2019-nCoV and controls in dental practice International Journal of Oral Science (2020)12:9.
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